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30 June 2022 - 4 min read

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The buzz that’s happening around drive-through coffee

Coffee is good. Great quality coffee made quickly and delivered to your car during your commute is even better. Fast and accurate cashless payments is a must-have and fully integrated payment solutions are the absolute best for Muzz Buzz, the business behind many Western Australians’ daily caffeine hit.

What’s the buzz on Muzz Buzz?

If you live in Perth or regional Western Australia, you’ll likely know Muzz Buzz, a network of drive-through coffee shops. Their colours are purple and green, their favourite letter is ‘Z’, their architecture is inspired by a coffee cup, and their vibe is fast and fun.

Even if you don’t drink coffee, there’s a lot to like about the approach Muzz Buzz has taken since opening their first shop in 2001. At that time, drive-through coffee was a new idea. “It was an American concept for Western Australia, which back then was a region of predominant tea culture,” says Ledovsky.

So ubiquitous has Muzz Buzz become in the two decades since, it’s become part of the local lingo. “Muzz Buzz has become a neologism meaning coffee on the go,” says Ledovsky. “In the Perth metropolitan area someone saying ‘Are you getting a Muzz Buzz?’ means ‘Are you getting a take-away coffee?’”

The technology behind Muzz Buzz’s success

“We like to think about ourselves as a high-tech business,” says Ledovsky, who has worked for Muzz Buzz in the CIO role for 10 years. He explains how this is the case for every element of business.

In terms of the direct product, technology drives quality in Muzz Buzz’s food and drink offering.  “Our hot drink processing is based on the best technology in coffee making, we have the best espresso machines in the stores,” says Ledovsky. “And our food is coming out of the best accelerated cooking ovens.”

For customers, Muzz Buzz is all about convenience and speed of service. This is where technology of payment systems come into their own.

“We’re at the level of seven million transactions per year,” says Ledovsky. “From a psychology point of view as a customer, making a payment for your purchase is not the most positive experience so, as a retailer, we want to make this as seamless as possible.”

Ledovsky’s research into technology solutions for quick and easy payments brought him to Tyro. “Our Tyro EFTPOS machines are mounted to the cradles in the wall, located very conveniently next to our windows,” he says. “Operators take the machines and hand them to the customer, so they don’t have to take customer’s phones or credit cards.”

Visibility of payment processes is a big plus. “Our customers see everything. There’s no magic inside the store that’s not visible to our customers,” explains Ledovsky. “It’s a quick and easy experience that’s very positive for customers and our operators.”

Behind the scenes benefits in an increasingly cashless world

“We aim to become a 100 percent cashless service within the next couple of years,” says Ledovsky, noting that Tyro is perfectly positioned to assist Muzz Buzz in working towards this goal.

“We needed a strategic partner so we conducted research comparing the main players on the payments market,” says Ledovsky. “Tyro was the best choice at the time and we’re very happy that Tyro is still the best choice in the market.”

One important need was the ability to integrate payments with Muzz Buzz’s Point of Sale system. “In delivering that, Tyro added value to our business model,” says Ledovsky, who points out that this feature not only adds accuracy to transactions and the end-of-day takings report but helps minimise keying errors. “This is exactly what we need to have in a hectic morning coffee environment,” he says.

Where the buzz will head next

Muzz Buzz will continue to grow where the car traffic is. “As a business, we will continue to fortify our strong side, which is convenience and speed,” says Ledovsky.

In terms of their partnership with Tyro, the buzz is still strong. “Our customers enjoy their payment experience at our windows, and we get a fast and accurate, fully integrated payment solution,” is how Ledovsky sums up. “As two distinct Aussie businesses, our alliance with Tyro is a mutually beneficial symbiosis. We love what Tyro does.”

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