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4 June 2018 - 2 min read

Product Features

Tyro to develop one-stop POS and app integration for SMEs

A new API platform is coming that will remove the complexities and expense of connecting multiple customer apps and POS systems, by providing a single integration solution.

Tyro’s platform will be the hub – it will radically simplify how you onboard, manage and switch between the plethora of apps available and those that are increasingly being demanded by consumers. The innovative ‘one-stop’ solution will reduce your admin time and streamline processes with apps like order-ahead apps, loyalty and rewards apps and bookings apps that have skyrocketed in popularity with consumers.

We will bring the platform to hospitality businesses to start with and have teamed up with six leading POS providers, including Bepoz, Fedelta, Idealpos, OrderMate, Redcat and SwiftPOS – then we will implement this across other industries. We also have a number of arrangements in place with app providers and plan to significantly increase this over the coming months, focusing on those that provide the best experience for merchants and their customers.

While customers are loving how easy these apps are to use, juggling multiple systems to accommodate different apps and POS systems is a strain on businesses. So we’ve taken the hard work out of the process.

Currently, merchants need to install multiple separate devices and plug-in points to service the range of apps at customers’ fingertips. This can cause clutter of cables and mayhem at the front counter, plus added admin to reconcile orders generated from each separate app.
The new Tyro platform will change all this – it will sit at the centre of a network that seamlessly connects POS systems and apps.

➔ POS systems will no longer need to build and maintain multiple integrations, leading to significant cost savings and an increased value proposition for their customers.
➔ Businesses will have a simple process to onboard, manage and switch between all these apps.

Merchants will not need to be EFTPOS or banking customers of Tyro to access the connectivity benefits of this new platform.

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