Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

Offer customers choice, convenience, clarity

With record numbers of international travellers coming to our shores, Australia will always be a hot destination. But how much of that tourism dollar are you getting? What if there was an easy way to make you stand out which also adds to your bottom line? Businesses, who have registered for DCC, can offer customers the choice of paying in Australian dollars or in their home currency. This functionality improves their payment experience by adding convenience and transparency.

How does DCC work?

Dynamic Currency Conversion

If a customer chooses to pay for a transaction using a Visa credit card or Mastercard, the DCC-enabled terminal will detect whether the amount is payable in another currency. If so, the terminal will display to the salesperson a notification that the card is a foreign card and they will be able to offer to the cardholder the option of paying in their card’s home currency or in AUD.


If a customer chooses to pay in their home currency, the terminal and the receipt will show the transaction amount both in AUD and in the foreign currency, including the applied exchange rate and any mark-up. Their account will be debited with the amount in their home currency, your account will be credited with the amount in AUD. The cardholder’s credit card company may impose an additional foreign transaction fee.

What are the DCC benefits?

For you

Yes Earn extra revenue from the currency conversion process (unless a refund is made)
Yes Extra service and enhanced experience for your customers at no added cost
Yes You may avoid credit card company fees that will be charged to the DCC operator

For your customers

Yes Immediate conversion to their currency of origin with 130 currencies offered
Yes Greater transparency and no surprises with AUD and transaction currency disclosed side by side
Yes Business travellers can streamline their account claims easier

How do I activate DCC?

Existing Tyro customers simply need to complete the DCC application form on their Merchant Portal or contact their Tyro Sales Account Manager on (02) 8907 1700.

For more information, download the DCC Guide.

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