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Supporting telehealth consultations for practitioners

Medicare claims and private payments for telehealth consultations

Telehealth offers a new way to keep practitioners and patients in touch for consultations while keeping the community safe. Tyro can support your practice offer telehealth consultations by processing both MBS bulk-billed telehealth claims through Tyro EFTPOS and gap fee payments through Tyro EFTPOS or Tyro eCommerce.

MBS telehealth items

The Department of Health announced new temporary MBS telehealth items to help reduce the risk of community transmission of COVID-19 and provide protection for patients and health care providers. As of 30 March 2020, these items are applicable to all general consultations and will initially be available until 30 September with a continual review of this date as appropriate.

The temporary MBS telehealth items are available for bulk billing at no cost to patients and can be used for health consultations by the following practices:

  • GPs
  • Medical practitioners
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Participating midwifes
  • Allied health providers

MBS Website – provides further information on the full item descriptor(s) and other changes plus the option to subscribe to updates.

Processing claims for bulk billed MBS telehealth consultations

Medicare is accepting all telehealth MBS item claims and you are now able to process bulk-billed telehealth consultations through the Tyro EFTPOS machine if your Practice Management System (PMS) allows bulk-bill payments.

How to guide: Take a look at this fact sheet for details on how to process these transactions.

The Department of Health advises patients MUST consent to their telehealth service being bulk-billed (just like assigning the right to benefit during a normal bulk-bill transaction) and have advised there are FOUR ways you can get the patient’s signature:

  1. Send the completed General, Specialist and Diagnostic (assignment of benefit) form (DB4) to the patient to sign and return to you.
  2. Obtain email agreement from the patient.
  3. The practitioner supporting the patient during the telehealth consultation can ask the patient to sign the General, Specialist and Diagnostic (assignment of benefit) form (DB4) and return it to you. An example of this is where a patient is using the local GP’s surgery for the telehealth consultation – when the patient signs the (assignment of benefit) form, the GP sends it to the provider performing the telehealth service.
  4. When the above options are not available, a verbal agreement to assign the rebate to the practitioner is sufficient, provided it is documented in the practitioner’s clinical notes

Processing gap fee payments for telehealth consultations

Tyro has a number of options to take payments for telehealth including those who wish to charge a gap fee, have a patient that isn’t eligible for Medicare and allied health providers who are providing services that do not attract the MBS item.


These are mail order/telephone order payments which allow you to process the payment by entering the amount and card number directly into the terminal while the patient is in the telehealth consult. This option may be useful if you are still working from the practice.

Virtual Terminal

You can process the payment via the Tyro eCommerce Portal and enter the amount and card number while the patient is in the telehealth consult. For repeat patients, you can save their information and payment details to conveniently bill for future consults. This option may be useful if you don’t have access to your Tyro EFTPOS machine.


This solution allows you to directly invoice a patient via email following a consult by entering the invoice details within the Tyro eCommerce portal so your patient can easily make payment directly from their browser. This option may be useful if you don’t have access to your Tyro EFTPOS machine.

Web store

Products and services can be offered on your website that the patient can purchase before the service is provided. Our eCommerce hosted checkout solution may be useful if you want to set up an online store.

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If you have any questions about telehealth payment options reach out to your Tyro Health Account Manager and for any other Tyro related queries give our 24/7 Australian-based Customer Support team a call on 1300 966 639.

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