What is the Tyro App?

The Tyro App is a mobile/tablet app designed to allow Tyro EFTPOS and eCommerce customers to manage their business on the go. Once your account is setup, you can access real-time business insights, review daily transactions, order EFTPOS paper rolls, and more.

You can also open a Tyro Bank Account from within the Tyro App – a fee-free bank account designed to complement Tyro EFTPOS and eCommerce, allowing you to settle your daily takings sooner and earn interest on your funds the longer you leave them in the account.

Which platforms do you support?

Tyro App for Android users – mobile and tablet
Tyro App for Apple users – mobile and tablet

The best Tyro App features?

The Tyro App has many features to help you better manage your business.

Popular Tyro App features include:

  • The dashboard, showing real-time monitoring of unsettled takings – not just for one location, but all locations.
  • Review transactions for the day, or for the last 7 days
  • Upload payroll or batch pay ABA files (requires Xero integration)
All Tyro App features for EFTPOS and eCommerce

We’re continuously enhancing the Tyro App to help our customers stay on top of their payments and banking. Our full set of features include:

  • Track daily unsettled EFTPOS takings in real time, across multiple businesses, and see how your businesses are performing
  • View individual EFTPOS transactions for the last seven days, and see detailed information including transaction amount, card type, and fees
  • Fast and secure access using a 4 digit passcode or Touch ID/fingerprint login
  • Order EFTPOS machine paper rolls
  • Access to Tyro Help and Tyro Status to keep you informed
All Tyro App features with the Tyro Bank Account
  • Select your daily settlement time between 8pm and 5am Sydney time and get your settlements 7 days a week*
  • Enable flexible settlements to automatically allocate a percentage of your daily takings to your external linked bank account.
  • Pay anyone with BPAY®, or BSB and account number, as a one-time payment or a recurring payment
  • Schedule future payments
  • Easily schedule partial or full transfers of your settlements to your linked account
  • Initiate payments simply by speaking to Siri (requires iOS 10)
  • One tap approval in the Tyro App for bill and payroll payments by connecting with Xero
  • Push notifications on bank account transactions
  • Alerts when there are insufficient funds to make a scheduled payment or when a new payee is added
  • Upload payroll or batch pay ABA files (requires Xero)
  • Share monthly transaction statements as PDF, CSV, or OFX files
  • For Tyro Bank Account customers, you can open a Tyro Business Term Deposit and maximize your savings potential with competitive fixed interest rates
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®Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518
*Same day settlements are only available where settlement funds are deposited into the Tyro Bank Account. Available settlement times are from 8pm to 5am. Applies to Tyro settled funds only (including American Express and JCB with Tyro Direct Settlement agreement) – excludes Alipay, HealthPoint and funds settled directly by Afterpay, American Express, JCB and Diners Club.
Xero is a trademark of Xero Limited.
Apple and Siri are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

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