What is Tyro Connect?

Tyro Connect is an integration hub that plugs apps into the POS system, making them easier for businesses to use and manage. Tyro Connect works with POS software designed for cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs and bars.

What the Tyro software does

Tyro Connect is a bridge between systems – namely, POS software for cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs and bars, and the apps designed to meet increased consumer demand.

Take for example your local restaurant trialling a new app for delivery:

Having a stand-alone tablet in the restaurant would require staff to re-enter the order into their POS, this takes up precious time and there is a risk of incorrect entry.

With a simple integration, Tyro Connect has the potential to integrate directly into the POS which will mean no more double entry, it will also open up more functionality for Australia’s hospitality industry and speed up the customer experience.

Who can use Tyro Connect

If you’re a Tyro EFTPOS or eCommerce customer, you’re eligible to explore Tyro Connect functionality and see what could be right for you.

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