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Tyro and RxWorks

Tyro EFTPOS seamlessly integrated with RxWorks can make doing business better.

Integration Features
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We believe veterinarians can have a great business, providing them with freedom.

RxWorks has provided practice management solutions to veterinarians for over 30 years. Our focus is to help better manage all aspects of your business. By providing unrivaled software, content, and hardware, we continue to grow. To date, our software spans 19 countries and is used by over 1,500 clients. Our clients represent every type of practice, including corporate groups and teaching hospitals.

You can count on us.

During the last 30 years, many veterinary practice software vendors have come and gone. However, RxWorks has continued to grow worldwide and provide our clients with reliable support and development.

RxWorks software is designed to help with the following goals:
– Consistency of patient care by ensuring that your practice’s standards are applied.
– Increased profit by eliminating missed charges.
– Growing your practice through improved client communications and service.
– Meeting your return on investment goals by effective management of fees.
– Getting optimum use of professional time with efficient workflow and processes.
– Improving the quality of life for patients through reliable reminders and recalls.

The above goals are achieved through business processes and unique databases that support your content. Both are integrated into RxWorks software.

We are committed to providing high quality, innovative software and content that bring real value to veterinary practices.

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