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Tyro and Uniwell POS

Tyro EFTPOS seamlessly integrated with Uniwell POS can make doing business better.

Integration Features
  • Integrated Cashout help
  • Integrated Manual Settlement help
  • Integrated Purchases help
  • Integrated Receipts help
  • Integrated Refunds help
  • Integrated Reports help
  • Integrated Split Payments help
  • Integrated Surcharging – Standard help
  • Integrated Tipping help
  • Pay@Table help

Uniwell POS offers a unique embedded Point-of-Sale solution with robust electronics, powerful processing capabilities, integrated operating system and user interface (UI) software, and network connectivity. Their clear understanding of the essential elements of a successful Point-of-Sale is based on decades of development experience and global industry knowledge.

Here are just a few of the many reasons to consider Uniwell POS technology:

  • Business owners want to be confident that their POS hardware can continue to operate efficiently, not just for weeks and months, but for a considerable number of years.
  • Uniwell POS terminals are purpose-built, so they are free of compatibility issues that can arise when a separate POS application is running on generic PC hardware.
  • Uniwell POS terminals can store current transaction details almost instantly, allowing fast, accurate recovery from power outages and largely eliminating the risk of data corruption.

  • Uniwell POS terminals can’t be used by operators to browse the internet or run other applications and are less susceptible to fraudulent misuse.
  • Due to Uniwell’s proprietary embedded software, there is no tangible threat of viruses, information leaks or unwanted updates.
  • The costly and time-consuming maintenance required by PC-based systems, including antivirus software, operating system updates, and memory defragmentation, is unnecessary.
  • The POS terminal is simple for staff to navigate and require minimal training when teaching new or casual team members how to operate it.
  • The comprehensive features of the POS helps to automate processes and minimise staff errors, prompting the operator appropriately when needed and improving operational efficiency.
  • A considerable amount of the maintenance that requires a professional technician, such as advanced program changes, can be handled remotely, saving on downtime.

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