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With over 330 POS/PMS partners and more than 61,000 business customers, we help our partners build their own success when they integrate with Tyro.

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Tyro Activate Partner Program

Grow your business when you partner and integrate with Tyro. Tyro Activate is a Partner Program for Point of Sale (POS) and Practice Management Software (PMS) providers which offers solutions to our 61,000+ customers.

Together with our software partners, we have fostered success by providing the best payment and banking technology to improve the overall business and payments experience. With Tyro Activate, the expertise and support of our partners is wrapped around our products so customers can focus on their core business.

Join the Tyro Activate Partner Program and get access to:

Referral payments

Receive referral fee payments for successful customer referrals to Tyro.

Improve your customer base

Lead sharing opens a new source of potential customers to grow your business and build ours.

Analytics and reporting

Get the full picture with bespoke performance insights from our expert Partner Managers.

Co-marketing campaigns

Drive greater results in awareness, reach and sales when we work with you to develop campaigns to your customer base.

Co-branded planning

Get a strong defined structure with a clear co-branded sales and marketing plan.

Sales and product training

Stay ahead with access to more sales and product education.

Dedicated expertise

Connect with a dedicated Partner Manager and Partner Marketing team.

Customer retention

Keep customers satisfied and interested with joint product and marketing initiatives.

Networking advantage

With partner conferences and events, you can connect, share ideas and grow.

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Become a Tyro Activate Partner

A world of partner possibilities

When you partner and integrate with Tyro, you’re opening a door to thousands of new customers and opportunities.

“We were drawn towards a partnership with Tyro as a leader in integrated payments, but also because they share the same values as Vend to helping Retailers grow and succeed in business.” 

Chris, Director of Payments, Vend

Tyro Activate. Tailored to your needs

With Tyro Activate, you can access the level of partnership that works for your business. There are three performance-based tiers offering partner benefits and support models. It’s a tailored way of providing our software partners with the right resources and rewards to help their business integrate and thrive. With Tyro Activate, the expertise and support of our partners is wrapped around our products so integration is seamless and opportunity endless.

“The Tyro partnership allows me to provide the best of market acquiring functionality that makes us standout in the Point of Sale market, the impact on our clients has been so positive that we are proud to have our name associated with the Tyro brand.” 

Burt, CEO, H&L Australia

Discover the benefits

Become a Tyro Activate Partner

Discover the benefits

Become a Tyro Referral Partner