As we wave goodbye to 2018 and prepare our businesses for the New Year, there comes the daunting task of setting New Year’s resolutions. Whether or not you’ve identified your personal or professional resolutions, your business should have its very own dedicated list. Below we share 4 Tips to make the transition into 2019 simple and manageable – with growth and success front of mind.


  1.   Review your financial goals and set new ones

A lot can change in the span of 12 months and your financial goals may not have kept up. Refreshed, achievable and motivational financial goals can make a huge difference to keep your business and team on track for the year to come. How many specifics you share with your team is up to you, but as long as everyone is on the same page, they are all working towards the common goal.

The New Year may bring investment opportunities and you may want to think about putting some money towards new equipment, hiring a few more staff, or general expansion.

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  1.  Check-in with your business plan more regularly

Just as quickly as your financial goals can become outdated, so can your business plan. As things are winding up or slowing down and you’ve got some time to spare, re-open your business plan and revaluate.

Consider important questions such as:

  • How has the environment around you evolved?
  • What trends or barriers can you forecast for the future?
  • Is your vision statement still relevant and cutting edge?
  • Are your offerings still relevant to customers and offering what they need?

Once you have established clear new guides and goals, share them with your team and gather their input. A team with clear direction and universal goals will outperform a team who aren’t all looking in the same direction.


  1.  Plan your (social media and marketing) calendar for the year ahead

As you already know, every New Year that rolls around brings with it a whole new set of events, public holidays and seasons that your business can capitalise on. Whether it be a local event relevant to your business or a national holiday your business could celebrate, enter it into a shareable, yearly calendar and invite your team to contribute. Once finalised, you’ll be glad to know that you’ve just established your 2019 marketing and social strategy!

Break down months into the themes that the calendar entries link to and focus your social posts around these topics. One example could be International Women’s Day, which is Friday the 8th of March. Your company could share the profiles of female team members and how they positively contribute to your business. A good example as company culture always does well across social media and your content stays relevant and topical because of the time of year.


  1. Check your business efficiency

The silly season would have been the best test of your tech and, by now, you’ll be well aware of any issues or hiccups that show under pressure. The New Year is a great time to make sure all your equipment is working correctly and if you have been having problems with your current EFTPOS terminals get in touch with Tyro to get your hands on a new EFTPOS machine. It is also a good time to update your website and social platforms to show all the latest information about your business. Investing time and effort in user experience design and quality details is important as customers are relying more and more on reliable digital experiences.

At the same time, have a think about streamlining your business processes. At Tyro we partner with 260+ point of sales/practice management software (POS and PMS) providers, as well as account software like XERO. POS/PMS integration can take any business to the next level of efficiency and professionalism. Reduce keying errors, reap the benefits of automation which leads to accurate reporting, increase your transactions speed and reduce payment time for your customers. Streamline end of day reconciliation so you can get back to the things you would prefer to be doing.

To find out more about POS integration and our offerings, click here