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7 March 2017 - 3 min read

Business Strategies

4 ways to give your social media account a make-over

Almost every salon has a Facebook page or Instagram account, but according to the most recent Sensis Social Media Report, many small businesses still lack direction around how to use social media.

The Sensis stats say:

  • 26% of small businesses have invested money in social media but don’t know the exact amount
  • 69% of small businesses have not developed a strategic plan for their social media

Evidently, mastering social media is proving to be challenging for small businesses, so here are 4 ways to help you give your social media account a make-over:

1. Build content

Most businesses venturing into the big wide world of social media don’t plan too far ahead, almost treating it as something ad hoc. To truly master social media, you need to GATHER and BUILD your content weeks in advance of posting. Take photos, screen-shot articles and read magazines all the while gathering ideas and building usable content. (Note that you don’t have to use it all).

Remember, you need to create posts that are engaging. The online community wants to be entertained, informed and even challenged. Post genuine advice or questions to your followers, rather than continually spruiking your products or deals. Use social media to win trust and credibility.

2. Strengthen relationships

As a small business owner you most likely have the advantage of being face-to-face with your client base every day. Your clientele are your biggest asset, so make sure you use this network. Connect with them and use them as your ‘brand pioneers’. Encourage them to recommend you to friends, check into your salon, or tag you in a post. Be sure to ask clients who have had a positive experience with your business to provide an online testimonial.

3. Post, post, post

The best way to get better at anything is to practice, and social media is no different. Increase your content and commit to a certain number of posts every day – even if it is just one. For example, you can post a picture of a client and their new “do”, or something about a particular product you use and recommend e.g. extended articles around beauty tips or how-to videos. By speaking to your customers on a regular basis, you’ll soon be able to build a profile of your average customer and have a better understanding of the kind of posts they want to see.

4. What is happening around you?

Try to be constantly aware of what is happening within and outside your network. Keep up to date with competitors and see what’s working for them. This doesn’t mean you should copy what they are doing, but it might generate an idea. It might be that somebody completely separate from your network is doing something that could also work for your business, so keep an open mind.


Perseverance is key! There are many ways to capture the attention of the online community, so keep trying until you find one that works with your audience.

Good luck!