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12 November 2020 - 4 min read

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A study in practice payments according to GP Daniel

“When we were first building the clinic, we were looking at payment options and what would make life easier for everybody.” – Daniel Chanisheff, GP and Founder, Green Square Health

In early 2016, a group of friends came together to launch a community-oriented preventative healthcare practice. Now a stalwart service for young professionals and families in Sydney’s bustling inner city, Green Square Health has been with Tyro since day dot. We asked Practice Founder and GP, Daniel Chanisheff, how Tyro’s solutions work for his business.

A holistic approach

Daniel isn’t just one of the founders at Green Square Health, he’s a local resident. So, when the team first set up Green Square Health, the focus was to make the practice work for everyone:

“We wanted to do things our way, to do things properly, to make sure that we service the needs of the community, as well as [being] a place that people wanted to come and work at.”

Providing quality health care supported by a practice-friendly payment system was critical to Green Square Health’s holistic business plan.

Getting set up to get paid

Daniel and the team do all the general practice consulting services you’d expect, plus a few other “big categories” – skin cancer checks and treatments, sexual health, pregnancy planning and antenatal, and travel medicine. They also offer physio and psychology.

This means they have quite a few practitioners and transactions to manage, so the practice relies heavily on their payment system.


You can register multiple doctors on one EFTPOS machine with Tyro, so you don’t have to swap between systems if managing more than one practitioner. Payments go to the correct practitioner’s bank account and there’s less risk of administrative error.

Softening the bill shock

Building a practice outside the bulk billing model, Daniel knew just how important it would be to, as he terms it, “soften that blow” of bill shock. While patients want their choice of trusted doctor, they also need reassurance they won’t be 100% out of pocket for the expense.

“I’ve worked in clinics that used all kinds of payment services, but one of the biggest issues was in a private billing clinic,” said Daniel.

With consultation payments, “it can seem as a bit of a shock to people. But if they know they’re going to get the Medicare rebate immediately, it really softens that blow. And once they get over that hurdle, they’re much more likely to keep coming back.”

Reduced margin for error

On the question of billing errors, Daniel says: “I’ve seen it before, where you bill someone for a skin cancer operation. Maybe it’s $600 and they get charged $60 or they get charged $6000 – so because someone’s typed in the wrong number.”

Now, “that literally never happens because of the system”

Easier after hours

Patient care and practice management don’t always occur in traditional business hours, so in addition to admin and practice management staff, it’s the doctors and practitioners managing payments at Green Square Health.

“There’s been occasions where I’ve worked after hours where I’ve had to do the billing myself, and just being able to put it through, it pops up immediately…And I didn’t really need to sit and do a tutorial to be able to do that.”

The endgame

Because Daniel doesn’t need to overthink the admin, he can spend more time with patients.

“At the end of the day you look at your payment summary sheet and it’s all accurate. You don’t have to sit there thinking about, ‘Did I do this correctly? Do I need to go and correct that?’. It’s all just done.”

In these increasingly busy times, how could you ease your payment and banking admin? Read more about why some of Australia’s busiest practices bank with Tyro.

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