Who doesn’t love a breathtaking view with their meal or drink? In Sydney, there’s a multitude of locations to enjoy the beautiful scenery this city offers – but some places take advantage of this better than others. Take Helm Bar for example: with a nautical-themed upper deck and a relaxed beer garden, it’s the ideal location on Darling Harbour to relax and watch the boats, people, and lights sparkle off the water.

Helm Bar has a strong and consistent following – and for anyone to stand out in this location, you’ve got to provide a fabulous setting, but also have the best possible customer service. Daniel Altshuler, Group General Manager of Helm bar, knows that the best way to retain customers is to care about every detail – including how his customers pay.

That’s why he decided to upgrade Helm’s existing EFTPOS terminals to the Yoximo. We’ve designed the terminals to be fully portable, and Daniel says this is important when in the hospitality industry: “where people pay for drinks is where spills are the most common.”

Daniel stresses the importance of having a fast, convenient method of payment in any venue that values customer service, which is why he decided on the Yoximo.

His staff love the intuitive interface and “they make less mistakes, even when it’s stressful and busy.” But what it really boils down to its speed. “With the new Tap&Go function, the transactions are so fast. You barely have to touch the card to the screen before the payment goes through. So I can get through customers quicker and they’re happy they don’t have to wait as long.”

It might not be the most exciting part of a Saturday night out, but the way customers pay makes a bit difference to a night out. After all, why should anything get in the way of their fun?

If you want to have the same great Yoximo experience as the staff at Helm, contact us, or check out the video on our Hospitality page where you can see the benefits of mobile terminals.