The Australian Bankers’ Association and CPA Australia jointly developed a Small Business Finance site to help small businesses understand what type of finance best suits their needs. Revealing is advice in the introductory video: “Believe me, you get on better with your bank if you actually understand what they want.”

No doubt a significant effort has been made to navigate the reader through the complexities of yesterday’s banking and lending, i.e: the details of applying for a loan, completing a loan application and finally what to do with the loan. But it’s totally unrealistic and inappropriate for today’s small business and banking reality.

How long will it make sense for an owner to produce and for a bank manager to review application forms, business plans, business cases and cash forecasts for a $50,000 loan that the business needs right now?

Well, it is time to turn this upside down. How about the bank understanding what the SME needs and wants, not what the bank needs? It is not rocket science. The small-to-medium size entrepreneur wants to spend their time looking after their customers and staff and to have easy access to funding when needed.

When Tyro observes the daily life of small businesses, we see the need for a timely and frictionless funding experience. Our first lending solution, Tyro Smart Growth Funding, is designed to deliver just that.

This is how it works: Tyro develops and maintains an understanding of the business. On that basis, Tyro proactively offers growth funding to the business that the owner can accept with a tap on their phone, wherever and whenever an opportunity presents itself. Within minutes the funds are available. The business does not apply. We offer.

I remember the old days when a customer had to apply to IBM for a computer and IBM might or might not accept. Tyro’s vision is to offer Australian SMEs and growth companies additional funding to grow and that they can count on.

Imagine how many more jobs, products and services Australia’s two million small-to-medium businesses could create, if tailored funding was available without any hassles, delays or surprises.