Bottom line is that without customers you don’t have a business. So it stands to reason that they should be at the centre of what you do.

This week we’ve rounded up some expert opinion, helpful tools and articles about how you can attract customers and keep them coming back.

Prevent your reputation taking a hit

Part of keeping your relationship with your customers on a positive note is being on the front foot when your reputation is in danger of taking a hit. This Sensis article tells how manufacturer Patties Foods took the precautionary measure to recall Nanna’s Mixed Frozen Berries following five cases of hepatitis (despite there being no direct link). It is a cautionary tale for all SMEs.

Customer service in the era of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a phrase that gets bandied about a lot. According to research firm, Gartner, the number of devices connected to the internet will hit the 20 billion mark by 2020. Technology Spectator asks what does that means for customer service?

How to handle complaints and keep your customers loyal has a pretty comprehensive section on how a business should deal with its customers. It covers everything from understanding your customers, customer relationship management tools to keeping loyal customers and handling complaints.

In-store Wi-Fi keeps customers happy and spending

Almost one-third of consumers say they spend more due to their use of digital during the shopping process. This article asks whether SMEs are missing out if they don’t have free Wi-Fi in their shops like they do in the UK.

How to create a customer service strategy

Business Victoria, who is holding a month-long SME festival in August, has amped up its online resources including some tips on creating a solid customer service strategy. They state that at the core of customer service is being able to deliver on a promise.