Business owners and card paying customers were left helpless last Friday when another of the big banks’ EFTPOS payment systems failed, costing businesses thousands of dollars in lost sales and productivity.

But it’s not just EFTPOS outages that hit the bottom line of your business. You continue to lose money hand over fist due to bank interchange fees on credit and debit transactions.

Without interchange fees, Tyro estimates Australian businesses would be better off by around $300 million annually. That could mean thousands of dollars in savings back to your business each year.

That’s why this Tuesday you’ll find Tyro CEO Jost Stollmann speaking directly to the RBA, on your behalf, at the Payments Roundtable.

“I’m calling for an immediate end to bank interchange fees on card transactions to give Australian businesses the leg up they need,” he said.

“Join our campaign today to remove interchange fees. Together we can push for change and end unfair bank charges. Your vote counts.”