Now with more than half a million dollars in its pocket through a Pozible campaign, TechSydney wants to push Sydney into the top 10 of the world’s best tech ecosystems. 

Just four hours before the deadline (on Friday) of crowdfunding that raised $564,401, Tyro and Tyro FintechHub (pictured) became Unicorn/Centurion members of TechSydney.

Tyro co-founder and one of the original drivers of TechSydney Andrew Rothwell was obviously thrilled with the result (the original goal was $500,000) and that Tyro was able to help push it across the line by joining as a Unicorn/Centurion member (which carries a $10,000 fee).

He said the gestation of TechSydney came from the same place as what drove him to start Tyro.

“We were sick of getting on planes and leaving our families behind for weeks or months on end,” he said of his career in the US.

“With Tyro we wanted to build a company that talented people would find intriguing and challenging, allowing them to stay in Sydney and enjoy the benefits of a Silicon Valley-style company, but in our own backyard.

“We wanted to make Tyro the potential nucleus of a larger high-tech movement in Sydney that would begin to address the problems of brain drain to Silicon Valley and beyond.”

What is TechSydney?

Australia’s largest start-ups and tech firms including Atlassian, Airbnb, Airtree and Uber have come together to start this not-for-profit designed to build the start-up ecosystem.

According to TechSydney CEO Dean McEvoy, the mission is simple. To make Sydney a top 10 tech ecosystem.

“From the outside it looks like Sydney’s tech community is thriving. There are more start-ups than ever before. More funding, more successful tech businesses and more government support. Yet it’s still not enough,” their Pozible page reads.

“By all independent measures we’re going backwards compared to other cities around the world. What does backwards mean? It means we’re becoming less relevant in the global tech economy, which is fast becoming the leading source of economic growth across the world.

“We need to change this and it’s going to take one hell of a communal effort to put the brakes on the slide and create enough momentum the other way to accelerate past other cities.”

Last year’s Global Start-up Ecosystem Rankings placed Sydney at 16th in the world of best tech ecosystems. This ranking was down from its previous 12th place.

Tyro CEO Jost Stollmann said the tide seems to have turned and the country is awakening to the challenge of competing in the digital century.

“Is this too slow? Too late? History will tell. I feel the timing to launch your own enterprise could not be better,” Stollmann said.