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2 February 2022 - 3 min read

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CounterTop vs Mobile EFTPOS: what’s the difference?

When it comes to how people pay, there’s no denying that cards have undeniably overtaken cash. This means, if you own a bricks-and-mortar business, it’s essential that you offer an EFTPOS solution to ensure you keep up with consumer behaviour (not to mention competitors) and avoid losing sales.

Lucky for you, we have two options so you can pick and choose the one that best suits your business. The first, Tyro CounterTop EFTPOS, is designed to reside at your checkout, while the second, Tyro Mobile EFTPOS, has the portability to be taken directly to your customers.

Read on to discover the benefits of both, so you can figure out which will work best for you.



Advantages of CounterTop

The Tyro CounterTop EFTPOS machine has a permanent home on your counter, so you’ll always know where it is. The device is plugged into your chosen location, so you don’t have to worry about replacing or recharging its batteries – as long as it’s connected to power, you’re in business.

Another benefit of the Tyro CounterTop EFTPOS machine is its less than 1.5 second transaction speeds, which keeps customers moving and helps to get on top of long queues. It also has flexible connectivity, offering Ethernet compatibility with 3G backup, to suit your business set-up.

Advantages of Mobile EFTPOS

Thanks to its wireless nature, Tyro’s Mobile EFTPOS machine can go wherever you go, allowing you to meet customers on their terms. In a hospitality setting, this could look like guests paying at their table after their meal, while in a retail setting this could mean customers paying for their products right where they found them, instead of lining up at the closest sales counter.

Mobile EFTPOS also boasts a full-colour display, creating a crystal clear screen experience, as well as WiFi compatibility with 3G/4G backup.

Common features

While different, the Tyro CounterTop EFTPOS machine and Tyro Mobile EFTPOS machine both promote fast, simple, and secure payment processing.

Each device allows for:

  • Integration with 300+ POS/PMS systems so you can process transactions faster
  • Accepting Tap & Go payments for customer convenience
  • Secure data storage to protect your business and your customers
  • PIN shield to protect your customer’s PIN entry
  • Backlit ergonomic keypad for easier keying
  • Built-in advanced thermal printer for a pixel perfect receipt
  • Least cost routing capability with Tap & Save so you can keep more of what you make on eligible Tap & Go transactions1


If you own a business that conducts face-to-face transactions, then you need a secure EFTPOS machine that lets customers pay, however they choose. With Tyro CounterTop EFTPOS and Tyro Mobile EFTPOS, you’ve got your business’s payment needs well and truly covered.

Keen on integrating one of our EFTPOS solutions into your business? Get in touch!

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1 Tyro does not guarantee any cost savings by opting in for Tap & Save. Savings on eligible transactions processed through the cheapest network vary for each business depending on their card mix, transaction volume and amount, industry, and pricing plan. Eligible transactions are contactless debit card transactions less than $1,000. Tap & Save is not available on Special Offer pricing which includes some flat fee simple pricing offers or where you surcharge on debit card transactions as cost savings may not be realised. For details refer to or call 1300 00 TYRO (8976).