Fun, fast and a favourite with Canberra’s attractive young 20-somethings, Tyro user Asian restaurant Akiba has taken out the AFR Top 100 Restaurants People’s Award for 2016.

Nestled in one of the CBD’s quieter corners, Akiba is described by the Australian Financial Review (AFR) judges as a “buzzy streetwise Asian diner” which is fast-paced and offers lots of reasons to keep coming back.

“There’s plenty of spice and lots of sizzle, from the Japanese fried chicken to charcoal-roasted T-bone with garlic soy butter, not to mention innumerable dumplings, noodles and raw fish dishes,” the judges said.

Venue manager Tia Stonier said the AFR People’s Award was testimony to the restaurant’s active “fan base” (patrons), a relationship they have consciously promoted since opening in late 2014.

She said the venue’s demographic was young-ins in their twenties to thirties, who enjoyed a busy, bustling atmosphere with high-energy music and a celebratory tone. Testimony to this is Akiba’s website gallery of good-looking urbanites having shots against a backdrop of dumplings and DJs.

So what’s the secret to their popularity in the highly-competitive ACT market?

“We deliver consistency. Our patrons know they will get good Asian-fusion food in a fun venue. They know we are committed to giving them that each and every time,” she said.

“Word of mouth is so important in Canberra, particularly with the growing number of restaurants and eateries springing up, so you have to do something to set you apart.”

In Akiba’s case, that means being “current and fashion forward”, so they invest a lot of time and effort in their social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter which are all heavily populated with images of young people having fun.

They also invest in keeping their queues moving, whether it’s the heaving Friday and Saturday night crowds (where they have more than 400 patrons between 6pm and 10pm); or their regular corporate clients who want a quick lunch.

Tia said when you have so fast a turnover, it’s important that there are no drop-outs in their payment systems and its POS integration is seamless and uninterrupted with their mix of Tyro’s countertop and mobile EFTPOS terminals.

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No wonder Akiba is the people’s choice.

Where to go:


40 Bunda Street, Civic, ACT
(02) 6162 0602