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7 January 2020 - 3 min read

Case Studies

How this Annandale dentist has more time for patients with Tyro

Gordon Howe is a considered man. Owner and Principal Dentist at the busy Annandale Village Dentistry, he and the team were looking for better ways to keep the high-end practice running smoothly. So he did what most considered people do – he hit the web for answers. 

“I found out about Tyro just through searching the internet for various options. I decided to go with Tyro because I felt that the pricing system was more clear,” he said.  

“We like to treat families, and see patients from the beginning of life through all the different stages of life.” 
Like any family-focused practice, patient care comes first. And for many in dental in particular, technology is seen as key.

Integration spells communication 

When you’ve got a waiting room full of patients, you want time to answer questions, align diaries for follow-ups, and be available for good old-fashioned handholding. But all this takes time (and the headspace to do so).  

“Tyro integrated seamlessly with my practice management system1…Whether that’s processing a payment, or processing a health insurance claim, or a Medicare Easyclaim, it is very simple and works very well.” 

The integration top 3 
• No re-keying of sales information, helping to reduce errors and speed up transactions  
• Streamlines the end-of-day reconciliation process 
• Generate reports at the touch of a button – reducing the admin burden  

Any computer in the practice 

“I like to be able to access the Tyro terminal from any computer in my practice. So if one computers not working, or if someone’s busy making an appointment on one computer, I can go to a different computer.” 

Plus there’s the mobility factor, Gordon notes he can access “the payment system straight from any computer that’s connected to my network or connected to the internet.” 

Checking the daily numbers 

“The Tyro Merchant Portal is a feature that we every single day. I use that to log in at the end of the day to check the daily figures.” 

The Tyro Merchant Portal also gives practitioners and practice managers access to deeper transaction details: 
“I’ve also used it…to search right down to an individual transaction to get the reference numbers, if we need to chase up a particular transaction.”  

End of month accounting 

The data isn’t far from Gordon’s reach when he gets stuck into the numbers come end of month: “When I’m looking at the fees, and going through the invoices, I find [it]…very clear and very well laid out, and it’s quite easy to find those details if I need them.”   

Why Gordon went with Tyro 

“Tyro HealthPoint plays a huge role in our business. Nearly every patient who comes in has health insurance, and they want to be able to claim at point of sale.” 

Again, it just came down to time-saving for Gordon and his team. “As far as the claiming system and everything goes, it’s very rapid and very quick, and we’re very happy with how it works.” 

To find out more about how Tyro can help your practice hum, get in touch with our health experts.  

1 Easyclaim and HealthPoint are only available where the POS/PMS supports the integration. You should make your own enquiries in regards to this.