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21 October 2021 - 3 min read

EFTPOS Education

How Tyro’s Mobile EFTPOS can help your business level up

Increasingly, consumers are using less cash to pay for products and services which means being able to offer customers the ability to pay by card, from anywhere, is crucial for businesses to offer a seamless payments experience for their customers.

The Tyro Mobile EFTPOS machine allows you to meet customers where they are and can elevate your business in more ways than one—improving service and security and giving you greater control and savings. Read on to discover the ins and outs of mobile EFTPOS.


Tyro Mobile EFTPOS

Why mobile EFTPOS?

The Tyro Mobile EFTPOS machine is a payment solution designed to give business owners more control over how they conduct payments and transactions. It differs from our countertop solution in that it’s mobile (as the name suggests), which means the payment experience can be brought to the customer, which inevitably gives more convenience to the consumer by letting them pay from where they want.

Benefits of Tyro Mobile EFTPOS include:

  • maximising revenue and reducing costs by providing a portable payments solution
  • boosting efficiency where it matters
  • seamlessly integrating with POS/PMS providers so you can process transactions faster
  • improving business visibility with real-time reporting that lets you monitor unsettled EFTPOS tracking through the Tyro App
  • WiFi connection with 4G backup to ensure you can continue to take payments

These benefits that aid in streamlining operations are thanks to the Tyro Mobile EFTPOS machine’s unique set of features. Read on to discover what’s great about our mobile solution.

Feature 1: integrated POS/PMS ability

The Tyro Mobile EFTPOS machine integrates with 300+ POS/PMS providers so you can process transactions faster and minimise keying errors. (Discover our POS partners here.)

This seamless connection is Cloud-based, meaning there’s no need for cables; it’s also compatible with cloud-based integrations such as Lightspeed and Vend. With no third-party middleware, your integration is fully supported for fast, easy transactions every time.

Feature 2: Lithium-ion battery

The Tyro Mobile EFTPOS machine runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, meaning that when it’s time, you can charge it up by simply connecting the power cable. There is no need to scavenge around for batteries to get the machine up and running again, which means you’re never out of action.

Feature 3: backlit keypad

Another key feature of the Tyro Mobile EFTPOS machine is the backlit ergonomic keypad. This intelligent design means easier keying for users, reducing the chance of entering errors for both the customer and staff members.

Feature 4: WiFi & 4G backup

Whether your business is connected with WiFi or 4G, there’s a connectivity solution to suit you. The Tyro Mobile EFTPOS will integrate seamlessly with your existing WiFi solution, or you can switch to the 4G backup to keep payments flowing.

Feature 5: industry-tailored features

Whether a business owner operates a café or a medical practice, the Tyro Mobile EFTPOS machine offers payment solutions dedicated for specific industry needs. From BarTabs, to SplitBills, Dynamic Surcharging, Pay@Table, or Rebate Estimate, these industry-specific features ensure businesses can run smoothly and offer a seamless payments experience for their customers.


Portable EFTPOS brings about a myriad of benefits to your business, and integrating the Tyro Mobile EFTPOS machine into your business is a way you can stay ahead of the game. The breadth of benefits, including reducing costs, boosting efficiency and upping security, will help your business thrive and keep customers returning.

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