2 March 2020

Looking for EFTPOS that’s integrated with HealthPoint?

Tyro offers you a seamless and reliable solution for payment processing and health fund claiming, allowing you to accept more payment types including contactless payments with 99.9% EFTPOS uptime. 

“Tyro HealthPoint plays a huge role in our business. Nearly every patient who comes in has health insurance, and they want to be able to claim at point of sale. As far as the claiming system and everything goes, it’s very rapid and very quick, and we’re very happy with how it works.” 
Gordon, Annandale Village Dentistry 

Seamlessly integrate with your PMS 

Tyro’s EFTPOS features are designed to seamlessly integrate with over 300+ POS/PMS providers for efficient end-of-day reconciliation and reduction of keying errors. Find out if we integrate with yours: https://www.tyro.com/pos-partners/ 

Single Settlement

Tyro provides a single daily settlement on behalf of the health funds, which significantly reduces reconciliation time.  

Getting started with Tyro is simple, get in touch with our health experts to find out more. 

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Find out how Tyro payment solutions can help your business thrive.

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