14 February 2019

Make this the month of productivity with a Tyro Business Loan

New year, new business opportunities.

With the new year in full swing, you might have your business goals for 2019 set in stone (or at least scribbled on the whiteboard). Whether you’re looking to grow or focusing on optimising your operations, the new year is a perfect time to take stock. Are you overdue for an equipment upgrade; is your showroom or front-of-house in need of modernisation; are your processes and systems a few steps behind where they could be? No matter the stage your business is in a little investment can make a positive change.

But let’s be honest. It’s typical to start the year off with great intentions – putting together goals and riding the back of post-holiday motivation. However, come February, a lot of businesses find their plans are pushed to the bottom of the pile – either because of financial barriers or the giant list of coffee-stained, “more pressing tasks” already piling up on their desk.

This year, though, can be different. Less barriers, more bang. Less “can we make that happen?”, more “let’s do it!”. With Tyro at your back, you can dust off those goals you made for your business and start putting your plans in motion. How? Tyro is much more than just a provider of lightning-fast, reliable EFTPOS. We also offer business loans that are straightforward, flexible and tailored to you. Really.

Is it time to stop putting things off and start making things happen? Then a Tyro business loan could help.

Why our business loan is different.

Unlike traditional lenders who can make you jump through hoops to complete a loan application Tyro Business Loans give you access to funds in a fast and simple way up to $120,000 ($50,000 limit for first loans). By assessing your daily EFTPOS takings, we can calculate how much you can borrow. So instead of filling out piles of paperwork, eligible Tyro customers can go into the Tyro App, customise their loan repayments and accept a loan offer whenever they need funding. Once the loan offer is accepted and they provide a personal guarantee (both in the Tyro App), funds are transferred into their Tyro bank account in less than 60 seconds.

Now that’s different.

One loan, a lot to love.

  • One fee for the life of the loan. You heard right. Our loans are unsecured and have just one fee payable over the life of the loan. You don’t have to worry about hidden costs or early repayment fees. Instead, you can put your energy and focus on the productive year ahead.
  • One repayment style that suits you. We know that your cash flow can rise and fall from week to week and fixed repayments can be an additional strain on the business. Our loans support your business by taking into account your business needs. Simply choose the amount you want to borrow and the percentage of your daily EFTPOS takings that you wish to put towards repayments. Then, your repayments will rise and fall in line with your daily EFTPOS takings (subject to minimum repayments).
  • One minute to funds. You don’t have time to wait, and we won’t make you. Once you’ve accepted the loan and provided your personal guarantee in your Tyro app, your funds will be securely deposited into your Tyro bank account in just 60 seconds. That way, you can start kicking those business goals right away.

Ready to get going?

For more information about Tyro business loans, contact us on 02 8907 1716 or see if you have a loan offer in your Tyro App. You can also hear how Tyro loans have made a difference to real customers here.