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9 September 2020 - 2 min read


Mental health resources for SMEs

Today is R U OK? Day

The aim of R U OK? Day is to engage Australians to connect with people in the community they may have concerns about, encouraging them to seek further help and to follow up to ensure support is being provided.

Where to go for information

The below is a mix of resources aimed at staff, managers and business owners to inform and support them should they require more information about mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. Bookmark them all now, and read them later.

Department of HealthMental health and COVID-19:
• Medicare subsidies
• Public health orders
• New routines and why they matter in COVID-19
Visit COVID-19 and mental health

Mental health:
• ‘Head to Health’ gateway for finding treatment
• ‘What is mental illness?’ brochure
• Strategies for preventing suicide
Visit mental health in Australia
Beyond BlueRunning a business at home during COVID-19:
• Guide for small business owners
• Wellbeing plans
• Accessing support
Visit practical tips for small business owners
Heads UpMental health and small business:
• Managing others
• Responding quickly to difficult situations
• Workplace bullying
Visit healthy workplaces for small business
Small Business Commissioner NSWBusiness-related support services:
• ‘Mental Health at Work’ training and safety advice
• Paying tax and super & COVID-19
• ‘Everymind’ and the ‘Ahead for Business’ program
Visit mental health help for small business
Victorian Small Business CommissionLinks and COVID-19 pointers:
• Guide to making a mental health plan
• Mindfulness and setting personal boundaries
• ‘WorkWell’ toolkit
Visit creating a mentally healthy small business
SafeWork AustraliaPanel discussion on mentally healthy small business:
• Watch on YouTube
• Read the presentation
• Listen on Soundcloud
Visit becoming a mentally healthy small business
Flying SoloMicro business and work pressure:
• First person account by a small business owner
• Watch video
• Listen to podcast episodes
Visit wellbeing at work
Services AustraliaPaying for mental health treatments:
• Seeing doctors and social workers
• Getting help online and by phone
• Caring for people with mental health disorders
Visit mental health care and Medicare