Australians’ love affair with smartphones is only growing with one third of us likely to buy retail on our phone in the next year, according to a recent survey.

The survey of 876 Australian smartphone users found that while most of us already preferred to use mobile devices over our PCs when looking for inspiration or comparing prices when we’re out shopping for a new plasma TV or pair of shoes, more than a third (37%) will go that one step further and actually buy it on our phone.

The joint study, between research group YouGov and mobile advertising platform InMobi, also highlighted how mobile advertising helps drive what we buy. After seeing mobile ads, 54% have sought out information at least once in the last six months, 44% have visited a store, 43% have located directions on a map and 41% have called a retailer.

Ads with special deals, promotions or coupons had the greatest resonance, preferred by 61% of smartphone users, followed by ads featuring the latest products and prices (40%).

According to the survey, Australians still had some concerns when buying on a mobile phone. The small screen size of the phone was given as an issue by 32% of users, but delivery charges (49%) and not being able to touch and see the product (44%) were of greater concern.

It also showed that users are looking for convenience, such as efficient mobile payment solutions, and security when buying on a mobile device.

Jon White, InMobi’s Regional Director and General Manager Australia and New Zealand, said the survey highlights the enormity of the mobile opportunity for retail stores.

“There’s still a lot of interest in visiting a bricks-and-mortar store, which means, even if the smartphone user ultimately buys using their device, those with a physical presence can still gain a home ground advantage,” he said.

One thing is for certain. It will be the businesses that can adapt to the ever-changing ways that customers are buying, which will not only survive but thrive.

Tyro recently partnered with PayPal which has meant that more than 500,000 small and medium sized businesses (SME) can now accept mobile payments in-store from up to 5.5 million active PayPal users.

Tyro Mobile, which includes instant face recognition for safer payments and no sharing of customer data among its selling points, gives SMEs the capability to meet the exploding demand for mobile payment facilities.

“With our technology they can compete with big players like Coles and McDonalds to give their customers what they want … which is convenience and security,” Tyro CEO Jost Stollmann said.