Want a smarter way to do banking? To get your business out of the office with a truly mobile solution? You can with the Tyro Smart Account. [VIDEO]

With Tyro’s new business account, you can approve bill payments out of Xero with a single touch on your iPhone, have your banking and Xero accounting seamlessly reconciled, earn bonus interest and free yourself of fees. Simply link it to your existing bank account and get started.

See how the Tyro Smart Account works.


One-touch bill approval: Take control over your payments with a simple tap whenever and wherever you are.

Cut your reconciliation to Xero: Manage batch payments and seamlessly integrate your banking and Xero accounting. No more need to log on to internet banking or lose time downloading ABA files. See how it works.

An interest bearing fee-free business account: Get daily interest and bonus interest with rates that increase every 30, 60 and 90 days. Eliminate account-keeping fees, transaction fees, overdraw fees and monthly statement fees.

Want to get the Tyro Smart Account?

If you are using Xero and a smartphone, you can get started today. Simply sign up and link it to your existing bank account.