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16 November 2021 - 4 min read

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Practice makes perfect: why your medical practice needs Medicare Easyclaim with Tyro EFTPOS

In a world where instant gratification reigns supreme, it’s no surprise that this now extends beyond food delivery and streaming, to rebates. After a medical consultation, many customers now expect to receive their Medicare rebate as soon as they pay for a consultation after visiting a medical professional.

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Medicare Easyclaim with Tyro

Tyro EFTPOS with Medicare Easyclaim1 allows patients to receive their rebate on the spot, keeping them satisfied, while simultaneously benefiting your medical practice.

Read on to discover how Tyro EFTPOS with Medicare Easyclaim works and why it’s so beneficial.

What is Medicare Easyclaim?

Medicare Easyclaim is a medical billing system that allows patients to claim instant Medicare benefits at a medical practice. It can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for patient billing and bulk billing claims.

Key features of Medicare Easyclaim include:

  • no batching or storage required for bulk bill claims
  • single payment for health professionals bulk bill claims in 1-2 working days, direct into a nominated account
  • patient claims paid almost immediately into their bank account
  • more certainty with ‘pay doctor’ cheque – speeds up the process by lodging claims on the spot
  • no additional bank transaction fees, although standard EFTPOS charges may still apply
  • concession verification – instant confirmation of patients’ concessional status
  • available to doctors, dentists, specialists, and allied health professionals that utilise Medicare for their billing purposes

How Tyro EFTPOS with Medicare Easyclaim works

Tyro EFTPOS with Medicare Easyclaim is an integrated system that processes payments from patients, whether they’re paying in full, part, or bulk billing their consultation.

Patient Paid

When your patient pays the full consultation fee, they can swipe their card on the Tyro EFTPOS machine and instantly receive their Medicare rebate. This allows patients to walk out of your medical practice with the rebate already in their bank account.

Bulk Billed

Bulk billing means your patient doesn’t have to pay a dollar for their consultation as this is covered by Medicare. In this instance, you would usually have to print off a DB voucher for your patient to sign, but it’s a different story with your Tyro EFTPOS machine. Patients can simply assign their right to benefit with the press of a button (no signature required)—saving you time and paper batching at the end of the day.

The claim is submitted to Medicare straight away and paid the following business day in a lump sum with all other approved claims.

Part Paid

Patients that pay a portion of their consultation fee will receive a Medicare cheque in the mail, which they’ll then have to drop off at your medical practice.

A Tyro EFTPOS machine and Medicare Easyclaim integration allows your patients to easily pay and receive their rebate through your EFTPOS machine in almost real-time.

Why EFTPOS is important to business

There are three key ways that your medical practice can benefit from integrating Tyro EFTPOS with Medicare Easyclaim, as outlined below.

1. Increased efficiency

Thanks to this system integrating with 29 Practice Management Software Systems, as well as Medicare, there is less data entry required, which promotes a smoother transactional experience for your staff. All you have to do to help your patients with medical billing is enter some basic transactional information.

2. Speedier payments

This clever integration allows you to process a rebate on the spot. This speediness aids in reducing queues and waiting times, which, in turn, improves the patient experience.

3. Streamlined billing and claiming

Forget the multiple EFTPOS machines for multiple practitioners. With Tyro EFTPOS, you can register multiple doctors on one machine. Payments flow to the nominated practitioner’s bank account without the double handling, and there is less risk of administrative error.

4. Extra features

In addition to centralising sales and accelerating the reconciliation process, Tyro EFTPOS with Medicare Easyclaim gives you access to healthcare-focused features with comprehensive security measures.

Interested in using Tyro EFTPOS with Medicare Easyclaim in your medical practice? Discover how Tyro has helped healthcare practitioners across Australia.

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1 Medicare Easyclaim is only available where the POS/PMS supports the integration. You should make your own enquiries in regards to this.