Change can be difficult to embrace, but Dr Shilpa Verma took the plunge and hasn’t looked back. Working with cloud experts Corazon Systems, a company that specializes in the implementation of paperless medical practices, Dr Verma told Tyro how she used cloud technology to create a streamlined paperless operation across her multiple sites.

9390628194_3a7a5bd6f5_z “Being a doctor, my focus tends to be on my patients” said Dr Verma, “but when you have multiple practices to manage, the administration/IT part of your brain needs to kick in.” Her all too common problems related to IT infrastructure. With six locations, she had to deal with disparate computers, servers, and back-up and recovery issues. And with updated Australian Privacy Principles that came in to effect in March 2014, Dr Verma also had to think about a secure and compliant system that would be easy to implement across her different practices. “It was such a chore trying to juggle paperwork and technology,” said Dr Verma. “I had heard of a ‘cloud’ solution and thought it might be a good way to go. But I was concerned about cost, reliability, and security.” Despite being worried about the change, Dr Verma took the plunge and hasn’t looked back. She contacted Corazon Systems, a company that specialises in the implementation of paperless medical practices. “They didn’t bamboozle me with a complicated discussion about software and hardware. All they asked me was ‘how would you like to run your practice?’”

Integrated technology

In terms of security, reliability and accessibility, Dr Verma has found that that the benefits of a cloud solution far outweigh an on-site server. Australia has local data centres that host cloud servers, and these facilities come equipped with defence grade security, as well as fire, water deluge, and earthquake protection. The servers are enterprise-grade machines with high availability. The set-up was easy and Corazon installed and configured all the necessary software (Medical Director, Blue Chip, Pathology downloads, Radiology downloads, etc). Corazon was then able to set up secure connections from each of the practice locations to the cloud server. To further enhance her cloud technology, Dr Verma also installed an integrated EFTPOS solution from Tyro at each of her locations. Instead of having to waste money on separate phone lines at each of her practices, the Tyro’s mobile terminals wirelessly connected via the internet and fully integrated with her Blue Chip practice management software. “It was a no brainer,” says Dr Verma, “Once I saw all the options from the banks, it was clear that Tyro was the only option that fitted into my new cloud environment effortlessly. It was the natural choice.”

Access from anywhere – at half the cost

Since the only way to access the server is through the internet, physical location doesn’t matter, so Dr Verma and any of her six receptionists can login to the server from any practice. Dr Verma has extended the functionality of the server to include a medical transcription service and done away with Dictaphones. Transcripts are uploaded straight away and made available on the practice’s cloud server. If Dr Verma employs new staff, there is no problem with access. All they have to do is simply increase their licenses on the cloud server. Dr Verma is now on cloud nine with the admin side of her practice functioning smoothly. She now has a paperless practice – something she never could have envisioned a few years ago. “The benefits have been incredible. The practice is now being run on high availability, enterprise-grade infrastructure for a fraction of the cost of a traditional server setup.  It’s secure and accessible and I’m never worried about losing information.”


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