Retail is a tough business. It requires a lot of focus and time but this shouldn’t be spent on admin tasks. Steph Hinds from Growthwise, a Newcastle based team of cloud business ninjas shares her thoughts on how you can #BanAdmin with automation.

Most retailers we talk to work ridiculous hours. They are on the floor selling products, they have to source the products in the first place, deal with HR issues, manage cashflow, attract people to purchase the products, not to mention keeping up to date with all the red tape that comes with being a business owner.

With a list as big as that retailers can’t afford to spend time or money on admin tasks that can be automated.

The good news is you can easily reduce the time you are spending on these tasks by having fully integrated cloud solutions. This means no more typing your sales figures into your accounting package. No more manual rosters and keying in hours worked before you can process payroll.

No more manually processing purchases. No more manually collecting money, manually typing the amount from your sales system to your EFTPOS machine and no more manually paying suppliers.

We are really excited to be partnering with Tyro as part of an online education series on moving your retail business to the cloud.

Session one is all about reducing your admin time and hassles. We will show you:

  • How to audit your existing back office processes.
  • How to automate the manual tasks.
  • How to connect banking, POS, rostering and accounting.
  • What systems will help you.

Register here for this webinar today.