26 June 2014

What we are and what we are not

At Tyro, we deal with complex issues and provide mission critical payment applications. Tyro people work creatively and responsibly because they are motivated by their work: the challenge, the professional development and the cause itself.

Tyros see themselves in a marathon rather than a sprint; they’re building a new world – brick by brick, solid and dependable – and that against all odds.

This environment requires a certain type of individual who can marry creative and innovative thinking with maturity and ownership. We set out to be the employer of choice specifically for these people, not for others.

It is about talented people with great attitude and skills, delivering in their working hours great work; not more, not less. The ideal Tyro delivers high-quality work within their normal working hours. We want our people to have a fulfilled professional life which leaves space for friends, partners, children, elderly parents and community.

The Tyro commitment is to provide the best professional work practices in a dynamic working environment. We invest in tools, skills, and compensation. It is neither a place of entertainment nor a hypercompetitive sweatshop.

Our people want to reach their maximum potential, which is why Tyro is attractive for well-rounded personalities with multiple interests beyond work. Tyro is not the place for people who seek their fulfilment from work only and above all else.

This balanced approach is the best way to foster enduring creativity and productivity. Such an autonomous and flexible work environment is appreciated by people searching for a way to spend adequate time on their personal interests as well as growing and succeeding at work.

Instead of offering free fruits, coffees, drinks, breakfasts, video games, massages and pizzas, we invest in technology, tools, and job relevant training – and we always recognise effort and success. We also deliver flexible working arrangements in the form of part-time arrangements, leaves of absence, and work at home (where appropriate). We encourage our people to take leave, and we cultivate an environment where people are encouraged not to work after hours.

This straightforward focus on workplace essentials – offering work-life balance and eliminating costs, complexities, and hidden incentives – is just honest. We find it lowers attrition and creates greater personal pride in the organisation.

Since our people recommend Tyro as a great place to work and have higher overall job satisfaction, we know our approach is working.

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