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10 September 2021 - 3 min read

EFTPOS Education

Your top Tyro EFTPOS and eCommerce questions answered

We answer some of your most frequently asked questions about the Tyro EFTPOS and eCommerce solution.

Common Tyro EFTPOS functions

Need to perform a refund or switch from standalone to integrated EFTPOS? We’ve compiled a list of common Tyro EFTPOS functions to help you run your day to day business.

How to change between 3G/4G and WiFi  

How to change from standalone to integration 

How to process a refund

How to order paper rolls through the Tyro Portal 

How to recover your password through the Tyro EFTPOS machine 

How to clean your Tyro EFTPOS machine 

How to reboot your Tyro EFTPOS machine 

Messages on your Tyro EFTPOS machine

See below for assistance on what to do when a specific message appears on your Tyro EFTPOS machine.

“Sign on failed – Terminal not activated” 

“Sign on failed – Poor 3G/4G signal”

“Out of order – Tampered state”

“Sign on failed – No WiFi network”

“Sign on failed – No Ethernet cable”

“Failed to start”

“Waiting for Operator”

eCommerce set up guides

Here is a series of quick guides for Tyro eCommerce customers.

How to set up and send an Invoice

How to process a payment using Tyro eCommerce’s Virtual Terminal 

How to add and manage a new customer on your Tyro eCommerce Portal 

How to set up a subscription or recurring payment

If you require any further assistance please contact our 24/7 Customer Support team on 1300 00 TYRO (8976) or