Unlock unsecured lending using your daily Tyro EFTPOS sales

Based on your transaction history with Tyro EFTPOS your business may be eligible to borrow up to $120,000 ($50,000 for first time borrowers).

One simple flat fee

Choose the amount you want to borrow with a single, transparent, fee.
Calculate your fee.

Flexible repayments

Select the percentage of your EFTPOS takings to be automatically put towards your loan repayments. A slower day means smaller repayments, supporting your cash flow. Subject to minimum repayments.

60 seconds to funds

Once you provide a personal guarantee and accept your offer – both in the Tyro app – you’ll have the funds in your in less than a minute.

No lock ins

No early repayment fees, no management fees.

Customise your loan

Calculate your loan fee based on an entered loan amount, repayment percentage and your projected turnover.
We offer up to a maximum of $50k for first loans and $120k for subsequent loans.*

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How it works

Log into your Tyro App to view your loan offer. Don’t have Tyro App access yet? Request it here.

Customise your loan repayments inside your Tyro App and provide a personal guarantee.

Accept your loan offer inside the Tyro App. Doing so will change your daily settlement account to the Tyro Smart Account. Learn more about this fee free bank account

Once you accept your offer, funds will be available within 60 seconds in your Tyro Smart Account, ready to be used to grow your business.


The loan is automatically repaid with a percentage of your sales that you choose when accepting your loan.

The higher your EFTPOS takings, the faster you repay. On days without EFTPOS takings, means zero repayments, but you need to have repaid a minimum amount every 90 days to keep your loan in good standing.

There’s also the option to make manual payments and even pay the loan in full anytime without penalty.

Tyro will not request any additional collateral such as property be provided as security for the loan. However, you are required to provide a personal guarantee.

Yes you can. However, the flat loan fee is payable regardless of how quickly you pay off the loan. To pay off your loan sooner with a lump sum repayment, simply contact Tyro Customer Support on 1300 966 639 (“2”).

Loan repayments are not based on interest rates. You are charged a simple flat fee. See how it works with our loan calculator.

They don't make you waste endless hours in paperwork, and the approval process is quick and simple.
Deb, Critter Bits
Deb, Critter Bits

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