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Tyro and S8pos

Tyro EFTPOS seamlessly integrated with S8pos can make doing business better.

Integration Features
  • Integrated Purchases help
  • Integrated Receipts help
  • Integrated Refunds help
  • Integrated Reports help
  • Integrated Split Payments help
  • Integrated Surcharging – Standard help

S8pos gives you enormous flexibility to customise your keypad layouts. From simple categories & menus, to automatic clerk prompts, colours & fonts, design you own product flows and much more.

Our experienced operations team will guide you through your first keypad setup, ensuring that the workflows are designed to improve your speed of service and deliver amazing results.

The S8pos keypad software requires a minimum of space on your POS terminal and forgoes the need to install complicated local databases. Our current clients use everything from brand new Windows 8.1 tablet to much older Windows XP driven systems.

Best of all, should your store lose its internet connection all local store functionality keeps working with sales uploaded automatically to the Shift8 servers as soon as the connection is re-established.

Features available with S8pos:
– Automatic combos when specific items in the sale meet certain requirements.
– Prompting clerks to recommend a certain product based on the existing sale basket.
– Seamless vouchers, deals and coupons for your clientele to redeem.
– Multiple price levels and tiers for your individual stores and entire network.
– Fast clerk switching, simple hold and pickup orders between different terminals.

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