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Reduce your debit card EFTPOS fees with Tap & Save§

It’s never been easier to reduce your EFTPOS merchant fees. Tyro’s Tap & Save has already saved Tyro Tap & Save customers more than $10.3 million of fees¤ and that’s just the beginning. Become one of the businesses making great savings on eligible Tap & Go transactions.

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Tap & Save

Reducing eligible Tap & Go debit card fees and putting your business first

Tap & Save is helping Tyro customers everywhere make great savings on merchant fees. With least-cost routing, when your customers tap their debit cards, we’ll route eligible transactions through the cheapest network, saving you on processing costs. We were the first Australian bank to offer this feature and it’s already saving Tyro Tap & Save customers as an average 8.5%* on merchant fees.

Make a saving

Tyro Tap & Save customers save as an average 8.5%* on Merchant Service Fees.

It’s easy to opt in

Ask us how you can opt in to Tap & Save.

How it works

When your customers make a debit Tap & Go transaction, Tyro will process eligible payments through the cheapest network saving you money.

Innovative, nimble, collaborative, customised

How Tyro made taxi payments faster and cheaper for Cabfare

With Tyro Mobile EFTPOS, taxi technology company Cabfare made payments faster and saved on Tap & Go debit card transactions. With passengers able to exit cabs quickly, drivers could get back on the road earning more fares and with Tap & Save, the business saved over $50,000 within the first year.

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Better business starts with better EFTPOS

When it comes to your customers, every transaction counts so choose EFTPOS that works better for your business.

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CounterTop EFTPOS

Fast CounterTop EFTPOS

With flexible features like Tap & Go, built-in printer and sub 1.5 second transaction speeds^, a CounterTop EFTPOS machine keeps business moving.

Discover CounterTop EFTPOS


Fast. Flexible. Mobile EFTPOS

Portable EFTPOS machines give you the flexibility to take payments to your customers. Packed with useful features like Tap & Go and a rechargeable battery, you can take your business where you want to go.

Discover Mobile EFTPOS

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Better business banking

Better payment solutions

Find out how Tyro payment solutions can help your business thrive.

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