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Reduce the queues with Pay@Table

Providing a safe physical distance between patrons at all touchpoints is essential for businesses in the hospitality sector. And there is no better way to maintain that distance than offering customers Pay@Table. Let’s explore the benefits, who it’s for, why it matters, and how it could help you retain loyal customers.

It doesn’t take much

All it could take is a table of four trying to pay their bill at your front of house and a couple on their way in, and you aren’t adhering to distancing regulations. With everyone desperate to dine out safely for the foreseeable future, compliance with government regulations and community expectations is key.

Visibly distant

Remember that your front of house is like your window to the world. It’s the place where ‘would-be’ patrons scrutinise your venue before stepping through the door. While you may be observing appropriate physical distancing at tables, a big crowd at front of house could send a very different message.

What is Pay@Table?

Pay@Table prevents queues when it comes to bill payments. It lets customers pay you by card at their own table, and more than one table can pay at any one time with different EFTPOS machines.

Key efficiencies of the feature:

  • No locking of the till at front of house
  • All floor staff can handle transactions on the spot, at the table or wherever is convenient for the patron
  • Split bills and tipping are enabled

Key COVID-19 benefits of the feature

  • Patrons can stay seated to pay their bill
  • Reduces traffic in communal areas
  • Helps keep a safer distance between paying customers and arriving/departing patrons

How does Pay@Table work?

The bill is generated at front of house and paid at the table following a few simple steps:

  1. The staff member prints the bill
  2. And enters the table number and staff ID into Tyro mobile EFTPOS
  3. The bill is presented to the table
  4. Customer makes selections for split bill and tipping and completes the payment
  5. The POS is automatically updated

Hygiene precautions for customers and you

Common sense measures are recommended given patrons could be required to touch the machine for Pay@Table transactions – for example with split bills, tips, and payments over $100 or $200.

At a minimum we suggest:

Follow our guide hereProvide sanitiser both before and after machine useWash hands with soap and water between customers

It’s all about precaution

Features like Pay@Table can help you prioritise the safety and wellbeing of your customers and staff, and also keeping operations compliant. Be sure to communicate the precautions your business is taking – whether a quick meet and greet before seating customers or printed explainers on tables showing how it’s done. People will appreciate knowing that you’re onto it and care.

To find out more about Pay@Table with Tyro EFTPOS, get in touch with a Tyro payment specialist.