Consumer Data Right policy

About this policy

This policy provides information about how Tyro Payments Limited (Tyro) manages data under the Consumer Data Right (CDR) and your rights under the CDR legislation.

You should also refer to Tyro’s Privacy Policy on our website for information on how, why and when your personal information is collected, disclosed, used, stored and otherwise handled by Tyro.

The most recent version of this policy will always be available free of charge, either online via our website or by requesting a hard copy via email at

About the Consumer Data Right

The Consumer Data Right is a law which provides you with greater access to and control over certain types of data held about you (CDR data), as well as the right to request that your CDR data be safely shared with accredited third parties.

The CDR also allows any person or organisation to access data about the banking products and services that we offer using the product data request service on our website.

What kind of data does Tyro share?

As a CDR data holder, Tyro shares specific types of data in accordance with the CDR legislation, including:

  • Name and contact details
  • Account balance and details
  • Transaction details (including amounts, dates and descriptions of transactions)
  • Generic information about our products and services (including their eligibility requirements)

Tyro will continue to make CDR data available as required under the CDR legislation, including as changes to the legislation come into effect. For more information on what kinds of CDR data are currently available, please refer to our website.

Who can make a CDR data request?

Tyro only accepts requests for access to, or to share, CDR data as required or authorised by law and not otherwise. As such, you can make a request to access, or authorise Tyro to share, your CDR data if Tyro is required or authorised to share your CDR data under the CDR legislation. For more information on what Tyro products are eligible for CDR data sharing and who can make a request, please refer to our website.

Voluntary Data

Under the CDR legislation “required data” is data which we are required by law to share if you ask us to and “voluntary data” is data which we may choose to provide. Tyro accepts requests for some types of voluntary data. Tyro does not charge any fees to share voluntary data.

How does data sharing work?

You can choose to share your CDR data that Tyro holds with an accredited CDR data recipient (for example, a budgeting app or website) who makes a request to us. We will only share your CDR data if you consent, or where otherwise required by law.

To share your CDR data with an accredited data recipient you must consent to the recipient collecting your CDR data. After your identity has been verified, you have selected what CDR data you would like to share and you have authorised us to share your CDR data, unless an exception applies, Tyro will share the requested CDR data for the duration of the sharing period as authorised by you, with the accredited data recipient.

You can view or amend the authorisations you have given us to share your CDR data, at any time, through your Tyro CDR consumer dashboard found in the Tyro app. We will update your dashboard as soon as practicable after a request is received. You can also use this dashboard to see the details of what CDR data has been disclosed to the accredited data recipients you have authorised to collect your CDR data.

Correcting and amending CDR data

If you believe any of your CDR data is incorrect, please contact us on 1300 966 639 or via email at to ask us to correct it.

We will acknowledge your correction request as soon as possible and, within 10 business days of receiving your request, we will review and correct your CDR data if it is incorrect. Following this, we will let you know in writing whether:

  • we corrected your CDR data; or
  • we found your CDR data to be accurate, up to date, complete and not misleading and, therefore, did not consider it appropriate to make any changes to your CDR data.

If you are dissatisfied with our response to your correction request, you can make a complaint as detailed below.

If we share your CDR data with an accredited data recipient and subsequently find that the CDR data we shared was inaccurate, out of date or incomplete, we will let you know in writing as soon as practicable. We will disclose the corrected CDR data to the accredited data recipient if you ask us or as otherwise required by the CDR legislation.


Your feedback is important to us. If you have any concerns or would like to make a complaint, please contact us on 1300 966 639 or via email at You will need to provide your customer details and information relating to your complaint. We will consider your complaint and options for redress on a case by case basis.

For more information about our complaints handling process, including how we aim to resolve complaints and options for review, please refer to our complaints resolution process on our website.

Privacy and security

Tyro is committed to keeping information secure and will take all reasonable precautions to protect information from unauthorised access, interference, modification, disclosure, loss, misuse or alteration. Tyro adheres to the security and privacy requirements set out in the CDR legislation, including the CDR Privacy Safeguards.