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24 February 2022 - 5 min read

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How to improve your customers’ payments experiences with Tyro

Dining out is much more than eating a delicious meal you didn’t have to prepare; it’s an experience. And when a customer enters your restaurant or cafe, they’re hoping for a good one—one they’re glad they spent their hard-earned money on and that they’ll want to come back for.

After being cooped up due to Covid-19, people are also making up for lost time by dining to their heart’s content, so offering a superior experience to stay on top of competitors is more important than ever.

To help your hospitality business in the dining department, we’ve tapped into our hospitality brains trust and compiled five ways to elevate your customers’ experience with the aid of Tyro EFTPOS.



1. Set up Dynamic Surcharging

As any small business owner knows, you incur fees when you accept electronic card payments from your customers; and one way to recover some of these fees is to incorporate surcharging.

With Tyro EFTPOS’ dynamic surcharging feature, you can rest assured that your surcharge will be charged correctly, thanks to its ability to detect the card type and automatically apply the configured surcharge.

As well as reducing errors, not having to manually key in the surcharge means your customer can get out the door quicker and enjoy a better payment experience.

“Being able to fluidly move through service recalling people’s bills and being able to close them easily, with the surcharging element not even having to be factored into the process. It’s all reconciled at the end of month which is a lot easier.”, Mark Chinnock, GM of Bopp & Tone Applejack Precinct at Wynyard Park.

2. Bring the bill to them

Offering your customers the flexibility to pay at their table, lounge, or wherever they’re sitting, is another way you can improve their dining experience.

Tyro’s Pay@Table allows you to bring up the bill amount wirelessly through the Mobile EFTPOS machine instead of at the POS, leaving the POS and other devices free for other staff to use, making things more convenient and seamless.

All you need to do is print off the bill and take it to the customers, retrieve the table number and amount wirelessly, process the payment, and generate a receipt, if required.

3. Give customers the confidence to control their bar tabs

Letting your customers control their bar tabs will make them feel trusted and that you want them to get the most out of their money, as they can keep their cards on them and will only be charged for what they spend. No loss of funds or forgotten cards also gives more confidence to the customer and the business, which can only be a good thing.

Here’s a rundown of how Tyro’s BarTab works:

  • The customer requests a bar tab and the staff opens a BarTab on the POS
  • The customer chooses the maximum spend amount and taps, inserts, or swipes their card to secure the tab. Their card and ID stays with them, instead of behind the counter
  • Staff can keep adding orders to the tab within the pre-authorised BarTab limit
  • The BarTab can be topped up or closed at any time
  • The customer can view the amount on their statements

4. Let your customers choose how they tip

Tips can go a long way for a small business. So if your customers want to leave a tip, it’s a good idea to make it as easy as possible for them.

Tyro EFTPOS’ Tipping feature was designed with this in mind. When enabled, a customer can choose to tip by dollar amount or by percentage of the transaction. If a customer chooses to tip a dollar amount, they can enter the desired tip amount into the EFTPOS machine. If a customer chooses to leave a percentage of the bill as a tip, they can choose between one of three tip percentages, which are customisable by the business. The percentage they choose will automatically be added to the total bill amount, so you don’t have to pull out the calculator to finalise the payment.

5. Make splitting bills seamless

When parties come through your door wanting to pay for their own meal, having the capability to split their bills is essential.

Tyro EFTPOS’ SplitBills feature is able to do just that, with the added convenience of enabling the functionality from the table. This allows everyone to efficiently pay their own way, from the comfort of their seat.

“With using the wireless EFTPOS specifically, it’s taking and splitting bills at the tables which has been a massive help, especially with larger bookings of 10 or 12. It saves them standing up at the front and tapping individually. We can take the Tyro EFTPOS machine straight over and then they can put in how much they want to pay and then split it that way.

It benefits the team to be more productive around the floor, being able to build rapport with the customers and basically having more time to do the job rather than just standing at the till.” Nicholas Tootle, Assistant General Manager at Fonda Mexican in Windsor.


Offering an excellent dining experience is essential to drawing in and keeping customers (and ideally getting them to spread the word about your small business). By integrating these tips into your restaurant or cafe operations, you’ll be on your way to delivering an experience your customers won’t forget.

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Tyro’s Pay@Table, SplitBills and BarTab features are only available where the POS/PMS supports the integration. SplitBills is only available with Tyro’s Pay@Table feature.