Streamline your operations

Want faster transactions, fewer errors and easier reconciliation? We’ve partnered with leading POS/PMS vendors to provide seamless transaction processing tailored to your unique business needs. Integration allows your POS/PMS to communicate directly with your Tyro EFTPOS terminal. Unlike with the other banks, integration is direct with Tyro without the complexity of third party providers, so if there is a problem, you only have ONE number to call.

Benefits of Integrated EFTPOS


Straightforward integration, no need for a third party provider, and ONE customer support number to call.


Sub 1.6 second card payment processing speeds for both broadband and Wi-Fi connections.1


Tyro’s integration architecture safeguards your customers and your business against customer data breach.


Our integration model means immediate transaction reporting on your own online merchant portal.


Elimination of double-entry errors and advanced reconciliation saves your business time and money.


Support of remote desktop systems including Windows Terminal Services and Citrix environments.

Yomani 3G

Ideal for the counter

Product image of Tyro Yomani 3G
  • 3G and Ethernet configurable
  • Tap&Go, contactless payments
  • Fast transactions
  • Connects to multiple tills/POS lanes
  • Secure data storage
  • Recessed keypad for PIN security
  • Large colour display and backlit keys
  • Built-in thermal printer (15 lines/second)
  • Durable design


Innovation on the move

Product image of Tyro Yoximo
  • 3G and Wi-Fi configurable
  • Tap&Go, contactless payments
  • Fast, mobile transactions
  • Connects to multiple tills/POS lanes
  • Secure data storage
  • Built-in privacy shield for PIN security
  • Sleek, lightweight design
  • Built-in thermal printer (15 lines/second)
  • Long-life rechargeable battery

Features tailored to your business

Does my POS/PMS integrate with Tyro EFTPOS?

Get started

Once you have received your Tyro terminal, you’ll be able to easily link it to your POS/PMS system.

For Windows-based systems

Download the TTA (Tyro Terminal Adapter) software and follow the TTA Installation Guide.

For web-based systems

Your POS/PMS system will automatically download Tyro iClient to communicate with your terminal.