Ensure your Tyro Go is ready when you are

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Many businesses using the Tyro Go use it seasonally, or from time to time. If there are periods where you may not be using your Tyro Go, here are some top tips to ensuring that is ready to go when you are:

  1. Turn on your Tyro Go once a month, log into your Tyro Go App and complete a test transaction of 1 cent. This will help ensure you don’t forget your user credentials and the Tyro Go firmware are both up to date. You’ll receive prompts if either need updating.
  2. Tyro Go should hold its charge for days when not in use, however to ensure your device is ready when you need it, we recommend you charge the device first after idle periods before using.
  3. If you have staff that need to take payments, ensure they are trained on how to use Tyro Go and where it is stored. You can also check that your business has sufficient credentials for staff members via the Tyro Portal.
  4. If you need more users to access the Tyro Go App, please log in to Tyro Portal <see Step 1>
Keep the User guide close by

The Quick start guide found in the box with your new Tyro Go covers useful things like how to get started and a link to the online User guide. Make sure you bookmark this page, so you have the latest version at your fingertips.

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