mobile eftpos

Simple steps to get started

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Unbox your machine and accessories

Step 1

In the box you will find your EFTPOS machine, a power adaptor (if required), long-life rechargeable battery, Ways to pay sticker and User guide

  • Display the Ways to pay stickers in your window/door and near the EFTPOS machine to let customers know what payment types are accepted
  • To protect your customers’ privacy, our Mobile EFTPOS machines are fitted with privacy shields. It’s important they are kept intact on the machine at all times
Step 2

Insert the battery into the back of the machine. You may need to lift the PIN shield to slide the cover off.

  • Find the battery at one end of the box under a cardboard flap
  • For replacement machines, use the battery from your old machine
Step 3

Insert the power adaptor into the machine and plug into a power supply to start charging. For top tips on battery performance read the help article.

Step 4

Turn on by pressing the yellow Corr button.

Connecting to the internet

You need an internet connection to process a transaction, offline transactions are not available. Your machine has a Telstra 4G SIM card installed to be used as backup. Do not remove the SIM card as this will disable mobile connectivity.

Step 5

When the machine first turns on, you will see Network Setup. Press Next then WiFi Scan and choose your WiFi Network.

  • If you don’t see your Network on the screen, you may need to scroll down
Step 6

Enter your Passphrase – this is your WiFi Network password.

  • All passwords are case sensitive
  • Press the Menu button to change between lower case and capital letters and numbers
  • Press (1) to enter symbols or characters
Step 7

Select DHCP or Static. You should choose DHCP unless you have more advanced, specific network requirements.

  • Static requires IP address, Netmask, Gateway and DNS
Step 8

Select Finish.

  • If the EFTPOS machine displays WiFi connection failed or Sign on Failed – No WiFi Network, reboot the machine by holding the yellow Corr key for 10 seconds

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