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Features and functions

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Enabling features on your machine

Step 1: Password

Now that you are connected to the internet, you will see Tyro Terminal setup. Press Next and choose your new Admin Password.

  • Your Admin password needs to be four numbers, no sequences (e.g. 1234) or repetitions (e.g. 4444) are accepted
  • Once set you’ll have access to the configuration menu where you can enable certain features on your machine. Find this by pressing the black Menu button and Configuration
  • The Admin password is required to change the refund and tipping passwords
Step 2: Refunds*

When you see the Refunds prompt, choose to Enable (1) or Disable (2).

  • To Enable you will need to choose a 4 digit Refund password which is required each time a refund is processed on the EFTPOS machine
  • This can be the same or different to your Admin password

* When a customer is charged the wrong amount, you can refund the whole amount or difference to their card.

Step 3: MOTO`

If your business has been approved for MOTO – select MOTO and Enable (1) and accept the terms.

  • If no MOTO option provided, you will need to apply to accept MOTO transactions

` Please be advised that MOTO transactions are riskier than other transactions because the card is not present and should a customer raise a chargeback, it will be your responsibility to prove the genuine cardholder authorised the transaction. The chargeback risk and liability reside with yourself, not Tyro or the cardholder. Please note additional fees may apply.

Step 4: Cash Out^

Select Cash out and Enable (1) or Disable (2).

  • If Cash out is enabled, the machine will ask if the customer wants cash out during every transaction. If the customer doesn’t want cash out, the machine operator needs to type $0

^ Permit customers using a debit card to withdraw cash as part of the EFTPOS transaction.

Step 5: Pre-authorisations~

If your business has been approved for pre-authorisations, select Pre-Authorisations and Enable (1).

~ Pre-authorisations place a hold over funds in a cardholder’s account. After completion of the transaction the funds are transferred from the cardholder’s account.

Step 6: Tipping (hospitality businesses only)

If you see a prompt for Tipping select Enable (1).

  • Choose Manual (to allow customers to manually enter the tipping amount) or Percentage tipping (to provide a selection of percentages of the initial transaction amount to choose from)
  • Percentage tipping has three default values; 5, 10 and 15%. Set you own values by selecting Configure Percentage Tipping
Step 7: Surcharging

You will find details on how to enable surcharging later on in this guide.

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