Integrate with your Point of Sale (POS) or Practice Management System (PMS)

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Important – if you will be operating in standalone mode

This means not connecting to a POS or PMS, when you see the prompt Pair with POS select Skip on the machine and click on Next at the bottom of the page to progress to the next step.

  • If you hit Start accidentally, and you don’t want to pair with a POS or PMS, switch back to integrated mode (see below)
  • For health businesses, you need to integrate to a Tyro compatible Practice Management System (PMS) to process Medicare Easyclaim. To process HealthPoint transactions you need a CounterTop EFTPOS machine

Pairing your POS/PMS with your EFTPOS machine

Step 1

To process integrated EFTPOS transactions, your machine must be paired with your Tyro compatible POS/PMS. When you see the prompt Pair with POS, press Start.

Step 2

Your merchant ID and terminal ID will be displayed on the EFTPOS machine. Use this information to input into your POS/PMS software.

Step 3

Initiate the pairing sequences through your POS/PMS software before pressing Start on your EFTPOS machine.

  • For detailed instructions go to, and search for your POS/PMS. If you can’t find the relevant information here, please contact your POS/PMS provider.
Step 4

Once successfully paired, you may initiate a test transaction via your POS/PMS

  • If you have multiple EFTPOS machines, repeat the process for each machine to be paired to a POS/PMS.
Additional help

Many POS programs, particularly if they are Windows based, use the Tyro Terminal Adapter (TTA) to send transaction requests to and from the EFTPOS machine. To find out what integration you need, talk to your POS provider.

If you need to pair with the TTA:

iClient integration is another common integration method, find out more here:

Switching between integration modes

Tyro EFTPOS machines have three integration modes; Standalone, Integrated (transaction information is sent to the EFTPOS machine from the POS/PMS), and Pay@Table1 (the machine pulls the transaction information from a dedicated POS/PMS server).

  • 1. To change the integration method on the Tyro EFTPOS machine, press Menu, select Configuration (5) and enter your Admin Password.
  • 2. Select Integrated EFTPOS (1) and Select Integration Mode (1).
  • 3. Choose from Standalone (1), Integrated (2), or Pay@Table (3) (if applicable) and press OK.

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