Simple steps to get started

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Install and charge

Step 1: Install and charge

The battery provided is designed specifically for your Tyro Pro machine.

  • Before plugging in your machine, turn your machine over and unclip the battery door by pushing the clips as shown in the picture below.
  • Find the battery pack included in the box and place in the back of the machine
  • Attach the battery door.

We recommend fully charging the battery before first use. The battery charges each time the power adapter is connected.

To charge your battery:

  • Connect the power adapter provided to the machine USB type-C connector.
  • Connect the power adapter to the power supply.
  • The battery icon on the top of the screen will show that it is charging.
Step 2: Insert a paper roll

The Tyro Pro uses the same paper rolls as the Tyro Mobile EFTPOS machines. NOTE: Unapproved paper rolls may damage the printer. Paper rolls can be purchased via the Tyro App or Tyro Portal.

To insert a paper roll:

  • Open the paper cover by lifting the catch located at the top of your Tyro Pro and pull the cover down towards the back of the machine.
  • Insert the paper roll following the picture below.
  • Pull the paper so that you can see the receipt paper when you clip the cover into position.

Advice: when inserting a new paper roll, tear of the first length to avoid printing on the adhesive area.


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