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Settlement Reports

Your EFTPOS machine has an automatic settlement procedure in place, meaning you won’t need to manually settle the machine every day. The machine is defaulted to settle at 5am.

To see settlements for the pending day, or the previous day:

  • Select the icon on the Purchase screen (top left-hand corner).
  • Select the Hamburger menu icon (top right-hand corner).
  • Select Reports and then Settlement reports.
  • By default, you will see a summary of transactions pending settlement. You can alternatively choose to see a summary of all the transactions that were previously settled.
  • You can also find an option on the top right of the screen to print the settlement report.

Finding your merchant ID (MID)

Your MID is a unique identifier for your account with Tyro. We will ask you for your MID when you call our Customer Support line, and we will sometimes refer to this in communications and service updates.

To find your MID navigate to the Support screen.

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