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Connect to the internet

You need an internet connection to process a transaction. The Tyro provides 4G/3G and WiFi network connectivity options. We recommend that you use WiFi; the machine will attempt to automatically switch over to 4G or 3G if it is unable to connect to your WiFi.

Step 1

Turn on the EFTPOS machine by pressing the Power key.

Step 2

Tap Get Started, your machine will scan for available WiFi networks.

  • Note: If you don’t immediately see the network you are looking for, the device will auto scan for new networks after 30 seconds.
Step 3

Tap and select your chosen WiFi network.

Step 4

If prompted, enter WiFi password and tap Connect.

Step 5

Once connected you will see a success message:

  • Select Next to set up your Payments app preferences.

If you see ‘No WiFi networks found’:

  • Select Search again or Skip WiFi if you wish to connect to 4G/3G.
  • Select Connect to 4G/3G and once connected you will see a confirmation message.

Set your passwords

Once connected to the internet you will be prompted to set up your Payments app preferences, starting with your Admin password.

Step 1

Enter your chosen six digit password, select Confirm and hit Next. The Admin password gives you access to manage your device settings and change your Payments app preferences.

Note: All passwords protect the security of your EFTPOS machine, so you don’t want them to be too easy to guess. When choosing your password, please note:

  • Must be 6 digits
  • All digits cannot be the same e.g. 111111
  • Digits cannot be sequential e.g. 123456
Step 2

Next you will be prompted to set your Operator password, which is required to perform Refund transactions. This cannot be the same as the Admin password.

Enter your chosen six digit password, select Confirm and Next.

Note: You can change passwords via the Settings menu in the Payments app.

Set receipt printing options

After setting your passwords, you will see a screen titled Preferences.

Step 1

Select Print Merchant receipts and choose from:

  • Always ask (the machine will ask if you want a merchant receipt after every transaction),
  • Always (always print the receipt)
  • Never (never print a receipt)
Step 2

Select Print Customer receipts and choose from: Always ask, Always, or Never.

Step 3

Select Next at the bottom of the screen, you will see Getting Payments App ready and shortly after Set up Complete.

You are now ready to take transactions.

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