Why should you integrate your Point of Sale and accounting software with Tyro?

Tyro is made for easy integration. We partner with over 300 POS providers as well as with accounting software like Xero, to help you streamline your workflows and gain valuable insights.

Improved efficiency

By integrating Tyro with your POS system, you won’t have to re-key sales information. This helps to reduce errors and speed up the transaction process.

Plus, automation streamlines the end-of-day reconciliation process.

Better reporting

When your systems are integrated, you can generate reports at the touch of a button – reducing the burden on admin and providing access to valuable business insights.

Reliable cash flow management

Integrating Tyro with your POS system enables you to maximise cash flow management features in your POS, such as user-defined product and fee columns, secure levels of user access, the ability to credit funds to multiple bank accounts, and automated alerts for outstanding accounts.

Fast processing of Medicare rebates

Medical practices can combine their practice management system (PMS) and Tyro EFTPOS with integrated Easyclaim. It means that Medicare rebates can be processed on-the-spot for full fee-paying patients; and they can be collected for end of day processing for bulk billing patients.

Automated batch and payroll payments

Integrating accounting software like Xero will save time on reconciliation and making payments.

The Tyro Bank Account connects with Xero so you can schedule bill payments and payroll via Xero. There is no need to download and upload ABA files – you can post pay runs directly from Xero and approve them with one touch in the Tyro App. You will also receive notifications if your account balance is low, when you have a new payee or when you receive a deposit.

Xero is a trademark of Xero Limited.

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