How does EFTPOS work with Medicare Easyclaim?

Tyro and Medicare Easyclaim work together to help patients pay for health services and receive Medicare rebates on-the-spot.

Using Tyro EFTPOS and Medicare Easyclaim

If the patient pays the full consultation fee – you can use the Tyro EFTPOS machine to pay the Medicare rebate into the patient’s account.

If a patient is bulk billed – you can use Tyro to submit the claim to Medicare straight away. The rebate is paid the following business day in a lump sum with all other approved claims.

Benefits of Tyro EFTPOS with Medicare Easyclaim

Less paperwork, fewer headaches: The system integrates with most practice management software (PMS) as well as with Medicare, meaning less data entry and a smoother experience for your staff.

Streamlined billing and claiming: There’s no need for multiple terminals for multiple practitioners – just one will do the trick.

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