What are Point of Sale/Practice Management Software systems and what can they be used for

Point of Sale (POS) and Practice Management Software (PMS) is the point at which money – cash or card – changes hands at a business.

In a retail store, it may be at a cash register. In a café, it might be behind the cake counter. In a medical practice, it is likely at the receptionist’s desk. It can be online, too.

How do POS and PMS systems work?

A modern POS/PMS system streamlines the sales process. It can be used to track sales, inventory levels, gross revenue, profits, trends, and more. The data a POS/PMS captures can prove very useful in forecasting future growth.

POS/PMS systems can also be used for customer management, helping you record customer details and guiding your marketing efforts.

Choosing a POS/PMS system

There are plenty of options out there when choosing a POS/PMS system for your business. When deciding, look for things like:

1. Compatibility with existing apps and hardware
2. Features that suit your business
3. Ease of use, both for your staff and customers
4. Customer support

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POS/PMS partnerships

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